Make money with our 2 tier affiliate system!

NEW: Powerpoint Presentations

You can make use of these Powerpoint Presentations to help explain the system to your prospect customers/affiliates

Download the presentations here: Customer PresentationAffiliate Presentation

If YOU refer someone to the QR.Get Linked! System, you will receive a $ 40.00 per year first level referral fee for a ProPack QR Code account!
On top of that: if YOUR referral refers someone to the QR.Get Linked! System,
you will receive up to $ 20.00 per year second level referral bonus!
($2 times the amount of firstlevels you have to a maximum of $20)

You will get your own unique affiliate link, yourusername.QR.GL which you can use to refer others so you can start making money. Signups are only possible through our affiliates to protect your efforts. No one can signup on the http://QR.GL main website.
If you send your referrals to http://yourusername.QR.GL they will see a site without any reference to the affiliate system. If they sign up with this link, they will not see any affiliate links or information in their account.
If you send your referrals to http://yourusername.aff.QR.GL they will see the affiliate system and when they signup they will become affiliates as well. Their first level referral sales will generate your second level referral fee.




















Referral bonuses are paid to your Paypal account, as soon as the balance reaches $ 50.00 and your account is active.
Bonuses are generated upon successful payment of the referred user and depend on the subscription they choose.

Paycycles are bi weekly, at the middle and end of each month.

All pricing in $ USD. You need to be at least 18 years of age in order to participate in the Affiliate program.